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Future-Proof Your Career, Master Data Skills + AI


Brand New Enterprise DNA Membership Payment Plan Launching This Week!

by | 11:47 am EDT | March 25, 2019 | Power BI

An exciting announcement from Enterprise DNA today!

Membership can now be accessed via a monthly payment plan with payments over one year (12 months)

With Enterprise DNA Membership you gain access to an unmatched offering of content, resources, and support that is dedicated to enabling you to master Power BI.

Also during this week only, we will be reducing the price by over 20% from $49 to $39 USD per month.

All details around this limited time offer can be found at this link – Enterprise DNA Membership

Enterprise DNA Membership holders get access to;

  • 7 detailed on-demand Power BI courses
  • 2 extensive resource modules
  • 3 workshop and event module
  • 9 mini series modules (all Enterprise DNA TV video tutorials indexed)
  • Enterprise DNA support forum access
  • Invites to member only training events
  • Opportunity to gain an Enterprise DNA Certification

If you decide to upgrade you will maintain this pricing for the length of your payment plan, regardless of what happens to membership pricing over time (which will likely be increasing soon).

On top of this, if you can’t see the value within the first month of gaining membership, you are welcome to cancel at any time during this period.

I’m hoping you can see that for $39 USD per month (for only 12 months) to access over $5000 worth of courses, resources, on-going support and training is a compelling offer.

If any questions on this make sure to get in touch.



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