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Future-Proof Your Career, Master Data Skills + AI

Become A Power BI Expert With Our New Enterprise DNA Power BI Challenges

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Are you ready to take your Power BI skills to the next level?  

With our new Enterprise DNA Power BI Challenge, you can gain hands-on experience in Power BI and get yourself familiar with the challenges you commonly face in your working environment.

We understand how essential practical knowledge is for specialists in this industry, and even though our powerful seminars and workshops can give you a lot of insights on how to use Power BI, nothing can compare with practical experience. 

For this reason, we have created the Power BI Challenge, with which you can practice on real-life working examples and familiarize yourself with the powerful elements of Power BI. So, let’s break down how this challenge can help you become better professionals.

What is the Enterprise DNA Power BI Challenge?

The Enterprise DNA Power BI Challenge is a set of challenges created by the Enterprise DNA Team to employ and evaluate your Power BI skills in creating visually compelling reports using key insights.

On a bi-weekly basis, our team will release a scenario that simulates what you will possibly face in your day-to-day work in the industry. The scenario and necessary data set will be available to all participants on Thursday, from which point on you will have 10 days to submit your solution. Your deadline will be the following Monday.

Power BI Challenge Procedure

Once you have completed the challenge you will need to follow 2 easy steps to submit your solution:

  1. Place an image of your report and a link to the published report (you can use the “publish to web” feature)
  2. Submit your PBIX file to the Enterprise DNA email address: [email protected]. Use as a subject the “Power BI Challenge” and name your file as follows: “Challenge Name – Your Name”

After all reports have been submitted, the Enterprise DNA Team will get together to review all the material and come back with a winner for each challenge. The winner will have the chance to be featured in our community and social media; and will receive a complimentary membership that they can gift to another person.

What’s In It For Me?

1. Learn

Throughout this challenge, you will have the opportunity to learn from experts in this field as well as from your peers. By participating in discussions around the challenges and getting personalized feedback each time. You will get a better insight into what you could have done better and develop yourself further.

2. Get experience

These challenges will give you the chance to get hands-on experience on what the workplace needs from Power BI specialists. In this way, you will enhance your skills and knowledge around different industries.

3. Personal benefits

Apart from your professional development, the Power BI Challenge allows you to showcase your work across the Enterprise DNA network, especially if your skills can award you the winning place.

Additionally, there is a chance of you winning a complimentary membership with a variety of benefits accompanying it.

Participate in our Power BI Challenge

Our first challenge was released in the mid of June with a huge success among our community. Professionals from a variety of industries participated in creating a sales report for their executives’ meeting.

Power BI Challenge 1 – Executive Sales Report

During the first challenge, we gave our community a data set, which they turned into an actionable report providing information and insights on the desired topic with powerful visualization techniques. Overall the outcome of the first challenge was that the submissions we received were of high quality, and our participants did a magnificent job extrapolating the required results from a very vague brief.

Power BI Challenge 1 – Wrap Up

The most tangible success from our first challenge was our participants’ feedback, according to which it was a great opportunity for them to learn and practice their skills.

After this great positive response, we are set to create a series of challenges that will help you sharpen your skills and grow even more. So join us in our Power BI Challenge and take part in an engaging and fun community of eager-to-learn professionals.

Enterprise DNA Team 

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