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New Enterprise DNA Course: Applied Problem Solving With Power Query/M

by | 3:58 am EST | December 29, 2021 | Announcement, Power BI

We’re ending the year strong with this much-anticipated follow up to Melissa De Korte’s Power Query/M Masterclass. This time, we’re looking at over 5 hours of practical examples that could help deepen one’s understanding of the concepts Melissa previously discussed on the 1st installment of this course.

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What To Expect From The Course

Power Query has always been one of the more challenging tools to work with when it comes to preparing and transforming data. The challenge is worth overcoming though, knowing that it also opens up a lot of possibilities that you can’t have access to any other way.

A good grasp of how this concept works can help you simplify your DAX measures, improve your data models, and improve the quality of your reports. With this course, Melissa takes a practical approach so that you can easily integrate your learnings into your work, regardless of industry or field.

Melissa has seamless processes that she applies to the work she does in Power Query. Through this course, she explains each step in detail based on different scenarios and questions that she found on the Enterprise DNA Forum.

Each chapter in this course stands on its own. This means that participants can jump in on any part of the course, depending on what their specific needs or skills are.

Other Enterprise DNA experts also joined in to share their inputs. The experts who joined Melissa in this course include:

  • Brian Julius
  • Jarret Moore
  • Alex Badiu
  • Greg Philps
  • Paul Lucassen
  • Antriksh Sharma

The powerhouse of experts allowed each chapter to be an even more comprehensive learning experience.

Who The Course Is For

The course is perfect for Power BI users who:

  • Know the basics and are ready to get some advanced Power BI knowledge through Power Query
  • Have started using Power Query and are hoping to understand the topic better
  • Have started using Power Query and are looking for a different approach
  • Are looking for ways to use Power Query in their line of work
  • Are looking for specific scenarios where Power Query could prove useful to them

Melissa designed this course in a way that covers different skill levels, with the difficulty increasing as the course progresses while still staying within practical uses.

Ideally, this course is for those who have gone through all the Power Query courses in the learning portal so that the concepts presented will be easier for them to understand. However, this is not a requirement. Anybody who feels that they can learn something from the course are welcome to sign up for it.

About Melissa De Korte

Melissa is Enterprise DNA’s Power Query expert and is highly skilled in ETL and modeling. An all-around Power platform enthusiast, her expertise lies in analyzing business process data, and delivering, deploying and supporting Power BI solutions throughout the organization.

She believes that Power Query and M is a never-ending concept. She believes that as long as she sees unique scenarios being presented to her through the Enterprise DNA Forum or through other means, she will continue coming up with courses that will benefit data professionals and enthusiasts everywhere.

So if you have not yet signed up for an Enterprise DNA On-Demand, now is the best time to do so. Not only will you gain access to this course, it also unlocks other resources, events, and future courses as well.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team

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