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Announcing Enterprise DNA’s Center of Excellence

by | 5:05 pm EDT | August 14, 2020 | Power BI

Some very exciting news to share from Enterprise DNA today.

After months of working on and improving our education platform, we’re now ready to release our new Center of Excellence program to organisations worldwide using Power BI.

With the Center of Excellence (CoE) we have tailored our Power BI partnership offering to organisations looking to educate analysts and teams around high quality Power BI development. We’re also introducing a range of new services focused on enabling a successful deployment of Power BI throughout any organization.

For more details on what’s included within our Center of Excellence and to register interest, check out the below link.

Enterprise DNA’s Center Of Excellence

Below is a further outline of what the Center of Excellence is, how it works and how we can impact, as partners, any deployment of Power BI.

What Is The Center Of Excellence (CoE) And How Does It Work?

The CoE is Enterprise DNA’s new Power BI partnership offering for teams and organizations. Depending on your requirements, we have a range of different products and services that can empower your analysts, data professionals and executives in successfully implementing and managing a Power BI rollout.

The CoE program is much more than just training content, even though this is still a significant part of the offering.

We’ve also included a range of new and improved; assessments, surveys, certification testing, resources, events, web based applications and more to make any Power BI deployment a huge success within organisations of all sizes using Power BI in some form.

For a comprehensive overview check out the below information page.

How Will The CoE Be Managed Within My Organisation?

With the CoE, we are bringing together a range of different training content, resources, information, technology services and much more all under one umbrella.

To enable the simple visibility of all of these offerings we have developed a brand new CoE portal.

This is a central web-based location that enables us to manage the CoE within your organisation. It will enable all of you, our customers, to receive and see all the latest and relevant information from Enterprise DNA relevant to you and your team.

Who Is The CoE Most Tailored Towards?

Our CoE program is a perfect partner for any team or organization looking to roll out Power BI. We cover all your educational needs, not just information discovery requirements to make sure that initially you get up and running fast and effectively but also continually monitor the performance of your Power BI implementation.

With the CoE, we have developed a suite of offerings containing our ideas, resources and IP that we will look to truly embed within our partner organisations.

How Does The CoE Differ From Previous Offerings?

We’ve upgraded our new CoE offering based on numerous pieces of feedback from current and prospective customers over the last 6 months or so. Based on these conversations we have added a significant amount of services, reports and tailored informational resources, relevant to how to strategically manage an effective Power BI deployment.

Previously we have had our Membership License offering which we are now re-branding to Center of Excellence, with significant enhancements and improvements having been made to how we partner with teams and organisations.

What If I Have Already Purchased Membership Or A Membership License From Enterprise DNA?

Nothing has changed at all. You still will have whatever offering you purchased from us previously. If you bought membership as an individual or as an organization you will still have all of the relevant offerings embedded into that. 

With these prior offerings we were more focused on the analysts solely, and our CoE program has evolved from the very solid base we built with Enterprise DNA Online. 

Going forward Enterprise DNA will have two main offerings. 

Membership – tailored to the individual analyst and data professionals 

Center of Excellence – tailored to teams and organisations using Power BI 

We’re excited about the future at Enterprise DNA, with our revamped offerings. 

We also have so many exciting initiatives still to reveal in the coming months, so watch out for more details in due course. 

In the meantime if you are deploying or already using Power BI within your organization, there is a lot of value that we can now add through our CoE offerings, so definitely reach out if you can see a good fit. 

Enterprise DNA Center of Excellence


Enterprise DNA Team

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