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Announcement – Enterprise DNA Referral Program

by | 2:29 pm EST | December 21, 2018 | Power BI

Welcome to the Enterprise DNA Referral Program!

Most of you are probably aware already of why I started Enterprise DNA. But for the benefit of those who are new to my blog, let me reshare my purpose for launching this platform.

Historically I have been in the finance world and reporting and analytics was always a big part of what I did. I had developed my Excel & VBA abilities up to an advanced level and could automate a lot of my work.

But those skills were rare in the organisations I spent time in and all I saw was just immense inefficiencies around how data was gathered, curated, explored and consumed.

It was seriously frustrating how much time I witnessed spent on just reporting historical information.

Then Power BI was released and I saw immediately what was possible.

After years of mastering this immensely powerful tool, I decided to launch Enterprise DNA. I was amazed at how people reacted and positively responded to my course offering. A huge percentage of my students who started from zero has become a Power BI superuser. You can check some of their reviews at the Enterprise DNA Testimonial Wall.

Now, we have reached another level of our journey. With my eagerness in reaching more people to discover and master Power BI, I am launching the Enterprise DNA Referral Program.

What is Enterprise DNA Referral Program?

Enterprise DNA Referral program rewards both the referrer and the referee with $100 respectively as commission for referrer and $100 discount for referee upon purchase of the Enterprise DNA Membership course worth $497.

how does it work

To get started, all you have to do is register at the Enterprise DNA Referral Program page to become an affiliate. After signing up, you will be receiving an email with the steps on how you can generate your unique referral link so you can start inviting your friends to become an Enterprise DNA Member.

Your referral link can be shared at any online or social media platforms. Be as creative as you wish but please note that we prohibit spamming, spamdexing, and article spinning.

What’s good about this program is that you will not only receive $100 commission, your referee will also be getting $100 discount once they avail an Enterprise DNA Membership.

Be an Enterprise DNA Affiliate Now!



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