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Analyst Hub Now Included In Enterprise DNA Membership

by | 6:20 am EST | January 13, 2022 | Announcement, Power BI

Enterprise DNA has always been committed in empowering data professionals and enthusiasts to maximize their use of Power BI and optimize the way they create their reports and dashboards. The Analyst Hub was created as part of that commitment.

The Analyst Hub is the first web-based application designed to support Power BI users in terms of development and deployment. It’s an app built by Power BI users, for Power BI users.

analyst hub

Now, we’re including the Analyst Hub as a part of our membership program, adding even more value to what we already offer. With this change, we’re excited to see our members leveling up their report development process even more.

What This Means For Members

We want to make the transition as smooth as possible for all of our existing members. Here’s what to expect depending on the type of membership or subscription you signed up for:

  • If you purchased your membership from January 12, 2022 onwards, you will receive an email containing your login details.
  • If you purchased the membership + Analyst Hub bundle, you automatically have access to the Analyst Hub for as long as your membership is active instead of merely having a year’s access to the app.
  • If you purchased the membership and also purchased a separate monthly or yearly access to the Analyst Hub, you will have access to the Analyst Hub without the need to pay extra for as long as your membership is active.
  • If you have a lifetime membership and purchased the Analyst Hub license as well, you automatically have lifetime access to the app and will not be charged any longer for auto-renewal.
  • If you only purchased the Analyst Hub license but did not sign up for the membership, you will be duly notified about the end of your Analyst Hub subscription. If you would like to continue enjoying the tools that come with the Analyst Hub, you may do so by signing up for our membership program.

The Enterprise DNA membership is already an amazing collection of courses, resources and events that can help data professionals and enthusiasts discover better ways to understand and present their data not just through Power BI, but through other relevant tools and platforms as well. So just imagine the amazing value that’s added to the package now that Analyst Hub has become a part of it.

The Analyst Hub

The Analyst Hub is a collection of apps designed to optimize your Power BI development and implementation workflow. With apps like DAX Clean Up, M Code Repository, Colour Theme Generator, Analytics Planner, Data Model Planner and more, you can develop a seamless process that brings your reports and dashboards to the next level.

The platform was also built to promote collaboration among team members. It allows you to share resources seamlessly, allowing you to scale your development processes across the entire team and throughout your organization to produce even more compelling insights.

A huge part of Enterprise DNA’s success also comes from recognizing the value of community, something that we leveraged in the Analyst Hub as well. Think of it as a social network for Power BI users where you can view, use and learn from documents and templates shared across the community.

Considering the huge value that the Analyst Hub adds to the already amazing Enterprise DNA membership package, there’s no other reason for you to delay signing up now if you haven’t already.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team


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