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Advertising & Marketing Campaign Analysis – Upcoming Member-Only Event

by | 3:27 pm EDT | October 23, 2018 | Power BI, Scenario Method Events

The next member only scenario method event from Enterprise DNA will be at the end of this week.

You can find more details and register for the event below

Advertising & Marketing Campaign Analysis w/Power BI

During this live workshop, we are going to really dive deep into analyzing an organizations marketing and advertising campaign effectiveness within Power BI.

I love running this type of analysis inside of Power BI because it showcases what you can do in a really effective manner when you utilize the various different analytical elements contained inside of the Power BI platform.

We’ll be covering ideas around data setup in the query editor. Making sure the data model and relationships are correct and then building up the correct patterns of DAX formulas to make sure this analysis is relevant and effective for the most optimal decision making possible.

Also during this event, we’ll be looking at some key underlying metrics that we can utilize in analyzing if what we doing and what we spending on our marketing campaigns is actually explaining some of the revenue results and profit results that we’re seeing.

What I wanted to achieve with this analysis was to be able look across all campaigns that a large business is implementing in many different regions, and then assess – are these individual campaigns performing as expected and are they more successful in one region versus another.

This type of analysis can really drive better and more optimal decisions and internal marketing spend, that’s why it’s so great.

In reality, your marketing and advertising programs can really drive up sales and have a huge impact on profitability. Historically a lot of analysis was completed with feel and intuition, but we can get far more specific and analytical these days. That’s the big idea behind this event and the great content I’ve prepared for the event.

When running this sort of analysis in Power BI, you can actually identify, in quite a significant amount of detail, the true effectiveness of campaigns across a range of different variables including where the campaign occurred and around how much money we spent on it.

The data that we are going to be using during the session enables you to break down what sort of strategies you are implementing from your marketing programs.

So, we can differentiate the effectiveness of these various strategies including, TV advertising, discounting, up-selling, direct mail, email marketing and others. We can break down the cost of each of these strategies and then also look to identify the on-going performance of them.

This is going to be another great workshop session from Enterprise DNA, especially for those who work with and complete any analysis like this.

Also, if you are looking to learn more about advanced analytical work around interesting scenarios then this will be a great event to attend.

Being able to explain campaign effectiveness using the dynamic visualizations we have available inside of Power BI really enables much better decisions, discussions and actions around marketing strategies. So, looking forward to showcasing to you how to bring it all together!

As a reminder, this is a member only event. If you do want to attend and need to upgrade to membership you can here.

Enterprise DNA Membership

For those who want to register for the event, you can also do that at this link below.

Advertising & Marketing Campaign Analysis w/Power BI

Marketing Campaigns Laptop

We’re looking forward to the session and running through some high-quality marketing campaign and also advertising campaign analytics.

Catch you then



To learn more about these member-only events put on by Enterprise DNA – check the below link.

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