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Future-Proof Your Career, Master Data Skills + AI


A 2018 Update From Enterprise DNA

by | 6:00 pm EST | January 08, 2018 | Power BI

Happy NY to all.

I thought I would take a quick opportunity here to start the year off with a short update on plans for Enterprise DNA in 2018.

I had some great time to renew my thoughts around the direction and the impact I would like to have with Enterprise DNA after a bit of a break.

In summary, this year is going to see more focus placed on how to successfully implement Power BI and the many factors that need to be taken into account to do this well.

Up until now a greater degree of focus has been on the tips and techniques to working with Power BI. This is still very very important and will be what Enterprise DNA is really known for, but in terms of content across online mediums (especially written content) I’m going to look to explore much deeper into the ‘environment’ around Power BI that is required to make it a real success in changing the way any organization works with data.

After doing some reading over the break and with the realization that as more and more parts of Power BI development become automated, there is going to be a real need for high quality thought and strategy pieces around what it takes to make an organization-wide impact when implementing Power BI.

A lot comes down to the ‘environment’ around implementation as I’ve mentioned.

Here are some of my current thoughts around this;

  • Having the right infrastructure around Power BI
  • Changing the data-driven culture with Power BI
  • Empowering the right individuals to produce the right analytics
  • Creating valuable analytical thinkers, not only developers

So I’m looking forward to putting some brand new content out this year (especially at the Enterprise DNA Blog) that covers some of these more ‘environment’ like aspects of Power BI implementation.

Look out for these in the near future.

Also this year I’m introducing the new Enterprise DNA Membership.

Last year was a significant year for course and material development. With a significant amount of on-demand training and resources available now at Enterprise DNA Online.

To take things up another level for those looking to master Power BI development techniques the new ‘membership’ will get you there.

This is now the main paid offering from Enterprise DNA (previously called the Definitive Guide to Power BI bundle) and is now much more than just a courses and resources package.

My aim is to train and develop the most valuable Power BI users/analytical thinkers in the world and with the additional support offering (via the Enterprise DNA Forum) and with some advanced invite-only training using my newly developed ‘scenario method’ (more to come on this shortly), I believe this is the complete package for those wanting to take there Power BI abilities to the next level.

If you want some more details on membership, you can find it here

Enterprise DNA Membership

OK, short and sweet intro for 2018. It’s going to be another huge year, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Thanks for connecting, and certainly stay in contact to learn much more about how to utilize Power BI really effectively, for you as an individual but also for use within your teams and organizations.


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