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8th Power BI Challenge Now Wrapped Up – Jira IT Service Desk Analysis

by | 1:32 am EST | November 03, 2020 | Power BI Challenge

Time flies when you’re having fun, especially if the fun comes from solving a Power BI Challenge! Just like that, we’re done with yet another round, and the submissions were insightful and creative, as always.

The 7th round was about purchases, inventory and sales. This time, we challenged our participants to work on a problem involving Jira IT service desk analysis. It’s another challenge that anybody can apply to their own field of work, knowing that Jira is used by a huge number of organizations worldwide.

Power BI Challenges

The Power BI Challenges happen every three weeks. Each challenge is about potential real-life scenarios where Power BI can be used to deliver amazing insights. It’s open for both members and non-members of Enterprise DNA Online. So far, it has succeeded in creating a collaborative atmosphere that pushes all participants (and spectators) to become better Power BI users.

Power BI Challenges

Taking a quick look to the entire series since the Power BI Challenge was first launched, it’s amazing how many industries have been covered. The number of real-life scenarios we worked on shows how dynamic Power BI really is as a tool.

Add to that the different techniques and approaches we’ve seen, and we realize that the community has grown by leaps and bounds. For every challenge we launch, we’re seeing better delivery, smoother reports and more insightful dashboards. It has become a powerful learning experience for everyone. It has even prompted us to create the Power BI Challenge Showcase which allows people to interact with the reports and practice their skills.

Power BI Challenges

It’s been pure joy for us to review the submissions and decide which ones will be declared the winner. We base the decision on the 4 main factors that affect the quality of any Power BI report — loading and transforming data, DAX calculations, data modeling, and reports and visualizations.

For sure, some of you may be thinking twice about joining. Some of you may feel that you won’t be able to match the quality of work that the other participants deliver.

But looking back at all the submissions from day 1, we see amazing improvement challenge after challenge. Haroon felt the same way and mentioned this in his post on the Enterprise DNA Forum. The high-quality reports you see today are a product of consistently saying yes to each challenge. It’s a product of practice and practical application.

Plus, it’s not just about winning the challenge. Every submission you deliver gives you the chance to get feedback and get involved in the Forum. You have a whole group of experts and experienced users in there who are more than happy to share their knowledge and insights with you. The support you’ll receive is unbelievable. And before you know it, you’ll be creating winning entries and will be sharing your own techniques, too.

You may be joining the challenge as a beginner today, but after a few rounds, you may find yourself being hailed as the winner.

What do winners get? Aside from having their work showcased in Enterprise DNA Online, they also get a complimentary membership. This gives them access to even more resources that will help them master their craft. If the winner is already a member, then they get to share the prize with someone else who could potentially benefit from these resources as well.

Aside from member and non-member winners, our newcomers category also encourage Power BI newbies to practice their analytical and data visualization skills.

Challenge #8 Results

Admittedly, we were curious about the quality of submissions we would be receiving for this challenge, especially when we analyzed the dataset provided.

But the submissions did not fail to impress. Once again, we saw a collection of reports that were insightful and creative at the same time. Every participant marked their report with something unique. Haroon even mentioned that he would consider a number of entries as winners!

But of course, only one can be declared the best. Congratulations to Greg for coming up with the winning submission!

Power BI Challenge
Power BI Challenge

Greg’s report laid out a great report that allows you to understand the data better from the 1st page to the past. It’s perfect for the work environment that we described in the challenge brief. The analysis on the last page also gave a clear picture of the entire scenario.

Power BI Challenge 8 Entry of Greg Philps

Well done, Greg!

Think you can create amazing reports like this too? Stay tuned and join our next Power BI Challenge!

Enterprise DNA Team

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