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6th Power BI Challenge, A Huge Success

by | 8:47 pm EDT | September 16, 2020 | Announcement, Power BI Challenge

Now that we’re on our 6th leg of the Power BI Challenge, we’re seeing more creative entries, making the job of picking a winner even tougher for the Enterprise DNA Team.

If you’ve been following or participating in our Power BI Challenge, then you’ll see that every run covers a different industry. This time, we asked the participants to help us out with a scenario involving the insurance industry.

Power BI Challenges

The Power BI Challenges happen every three weeks. We’ve opened these challenges to both members and non-members because we want this to be as collaborative and as comprehensive as possible.

Every challenge features a scenario that mimics real life. As mentioned earlier, we strive to cover different industries each time. This helps the participants and the entire community to be as prepared as possible should they find themselves in a similar situation in the future.

So far, the turnout has been great. Not only are more people participating, but we also see the entire community opening healthy discussions and collaborations as they check out each other’s work. This has also turned into an amazing opportunity for learning. In fact, we now have a Power BI Challenge Showcase for Enterprise DNA members who want to learn the ins and out of every solution provided in these challenges.

Of course, the job of picking a winner has also become tougher seeing that the participants are coming up with more insightful and more creative solutions. The Enterprise DNA Team gauges the submissions based on these 4 key pillars of a great Power BI report:

  • Loading and transforming data
  • Data modeling
  • DAX calculations
  • Reports and visualizations

Winners receive a complimentary membership to Enterprise DNA Online. This unlocks a treasure trove of even more resources that can help you level up your knowledge and skills in Power BI.

Challenge #6 Results

The data set given for Challenge #6 was enormous. In fact, Haroon admits that the insurance industry does have a tendency to present data that can be looked at from many different dimensions.

But that’s the amazing thing about this batch of participants. Everyone established relationships between the tables even if these connections weren’t apparent at the start.

Especially for data sets of this size, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The submissions for this challenge proved that the participants aren’t easy to faze.

Though we had so many submissions that stood out, it was the work of Mudassir Ali that really amazed us. This was truly a work of art, with every side of the story laid out nicely.

This is, by far, one of the best works we’ve seen. In fact, someone from the Enterprise DNA Team actually said, “I have seen contractual reports that wouldn’t come near this submission”. Now, THAT is a huge compliment.

Our own CEO, Sam, actually sent in his own submission for this challenge. It only shows how interesting these challenges truly are! Even Sam takes the time out to give us all his own version of an effective report.

As for our non-members, Ben Rabai Amal came up with an amazing submission as well.

Well done to everyone, especially to our winners!

If you think you have the capacity to create reports as good (or better) than these, give the next Power BI Challenge a try!

Enterprise DNA Team

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