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60 Page DAX Formula Reference Guide Download Now Available

by | 2:18 pm EDT | June 12, 2018 | DAX, Power BI

Recently I went about upgrading the DAX formula reference guide provided to all those connected with Enterprise DNA.

At the same time I wanted to distribute it more widely as I know there is a huge requirement for a resource like this out there as the number of analysts using Power BI just grows and grows.

You can download the resource here

The main upgrades that have been put in place for this resource include;

  • All functions are now indexed in the table of contents for easy navigation
  • Descriptions around each formula and the input parameters required
  • Greater detail around each formula and how is can be used

Quite a bit of time and effort has been spent putting this together so I hope that all Power BI users get a lot out of it.

My aim with completing this resource was so that all Power BI users can have this available as a high quality reference as they learn more and more about how to use DAX well within Power BI.

DAX is the true power sitting in behind Power BI and when you learn it well you’ll be absolutely amazed by what you can achieve from an analytical perspective.

I’m continually amazed at how by writing simple DAX formula you can discover so much insight and display it in a scalable way with high-quality visualizations using Power BI.

As a reminder here is what you will get from downloading this resource;

  • 60 Page Formula Reference E-Book
  • All major DAX functions reviewed & explained
  • Easy to navigate with linked table of contents
  • Sorted into intuitive formula groups
  • Learn the input requirements for each DAX function
  • Understand what each function does
  • Review how to use each major DAX function

You can learn much more and download the resource below

If you want to learn more about how to get started with DAX formulas within Power BI, certainly check out the Ultimate Beginners Guide to DAX course which is located at Enterprise DNA On-demand.

All the best


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