Implement Row Level Security In Your Power BI Models

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Whenever I think of row level security I think scale. There’s probably no better feature in Power BI for organisations.

Instead of having to develop ten different reports for every sale region or for each different sales department, you can just create one detailed Power BI model and use row level security to make sure the correct people are provisioned to see what they are allowed to see.

This obviously works really well for security purposes. But it’s also useful for privacy. Within larger organisations, you often need to develop reporting that goes up the chain, but only certain levels should be able to see certain things. Well, row level security helps out massively in that regard as well.

In this video, I run through a really practical example of how this can be implemented in your own environment. I go through an example data set where we sell in a number of different regions, but I want to make sure the correct filters are in place so teams can’t see results for other regions.

I highly recommend learning and understanding row level security really well. Make sure you know how to set it up from beginning to end. You should think about the set up before you start developing anything, as it can certainly change the shape of your report pages quite significantly, depending on the filters you end up putting in place when the row level security does its work.

Check out the detailed example in the video to learn much more.

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