Quick Measures Deep Dive - How To Use Them in Power BI Models

Quick Measures Deep Dive – How To Use Them in Power BI Models

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Quick measures in Power BI is a fantastic feature that can increase the speed of development immensely. Here, I review how you can start using them and I look at the many considerations of actually implementing them.

Quick measures isn’t perfect but it’s being updated all the time. The Power BI team have made a brilliant decision of wanting to automate as much of the development around Power BI models as possible which is great. There are some things to be aware of though, so I touch on those.

Quick measures are seriously awesome, don’t get me wrong, BUT you will still need to have a good understanding of how DAX works and how measures work alongside the data models that you build. Some of the measures that get created are quite complex and just placing those into your calculations without understanding what is going on is not something that I would recommend.

Good luck with implementing these in your own Power BI models!

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