Day 2 Review – Enterprise DNA Learning Summit, November 2018

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The second day of the latest Enterprise DNA Learning Summit is now complete.

We certainly got advanced with some of the techniques and concepts that we went into during the two sessions today.

This is what the Learning Summit is great for. To be able to dive into some complex ideas and techniques to see what the Power BI community thinks about them.

That feedback is great. It really highlights what works and what doesn’t around the content that Enterprise DNA is putting out there.

During the first session today we went through cohort analysis. This is some high-quality analysis that you can now integrate, in a somewhat seamless way, into your Power BI models.

We spent some time covering what cohort analysis actually is. I thought that this was important because it is quite a new and foreign concept to many.

After diving into how you can utilize this type of analysis in an effective way within any organization, we moved over to the many techniques that you need to get right within Power BI to get this working.

If you would like to watch the replay of this particular event you can by using the link below.

Enterprise DNA Learning Summit, November 2018 – Replays

Cohort Laptop

During the second session we covered this brand new concept I’m calling ‘Scenario Events.’

Historically I’ve completed a number of scenario analysis examples. But after a suggestion from an Enterprise DNA member, I decided to try and take the scenario analysis technique even further. This is how I came up with ‘Scenario Events’

Especially when you’re looking at historical information, you want to understand if a particular strategy paid off. Did it increase revenue as you expected or did the particular program or strategy not produce the results that you wanted.

That is the core idea behind this analysis technique. In many business environments, I’m confident historical information is recorded and presented, then forgotten about.

With this particular analysis technique, you can look back at historical events and see if what you did created any value (or vice versa) from a performance perspective.

We spent a bit of time in the session diving into why this technique is so effective. Then covered the many modeling and formula concepts you need to get right to make this work and produce valuable insights.

To watch the replay of this session see below.

Enterprise DNA Learning Summit, November 2018 – Replays

Scenario Events Laptop

One more day to go with two more workshop sessions. This will be the last summit of 2018!

Tomorrow we will be covering cross-selling and then also a deep dive into some pattern recognition techniques that you can build upon in your own reports.

Can’t wait to review this content tomorrow and wrap up the summit.

You can still register at the link below.

Enterprise DNA Learning Summit, November 2018

See you then.

Founder, Enterprise DNA

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