Registrations For Next Enterprise DNA Learning Summit Now Open – November 2018

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The next Enterprise DNA Learning Summit is just around the corner.

Early registrations for the event are now open.

To learn more details and to register please use the link below

Enterprise DNA Learning Summit – November 2018

Over 2000 are expected to attend this event.

Many more details to come but as a very quick summary here’s the session list

  • Session 1 – DAX Fundamentals
  • Session 2 – Latest Visualization Tips & Tricks
  • Session 3 – Cohort Analysis Introduction
  • Session 4 – Scenario Events
  • Session 5 – Cross Selling Deep Dive
  • Session 6 – Recognizing Patters w/Power BI

Plenty of new and amazing content will be showcased during the entire event

Any Power BI user completing any type of development work will get a lot out of all the planned workshops.

Looking forward to it.


PS. Watch out for much more information around content & resources that will be available during the summit – coming very soon.

November 2018 - Double laptop


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