Fixing Incorrect Totals Using DAX Formula Techniques In Power BI

Fixing Incorrect Totals Using DAX Formula Techniques In Power BI

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Getting totals correct inside your Power BI reports can sometimes be the most frustrating thing when utilizing DAX measures.

The key to understanding how totals are calculated is to learn in-depth, how context works inside of Power BI.

In this tutorial, I’ll go through several different examples of how to fix totals. By doing this, I can run through some formula setups and techniques you can use and apply to your own environments. This will help you solve your totals that may be calculating incorrectly.

The technique I use a lot is to iterate through virtual tables. Utilizing this technique allows you to make sure the logic you implement is iterating through the correct context for the total versus any natural context that might occur via selections made on a report page.

There’s a little bit to it and there are some advanced techniques I run through. It’s really valuable stuff you will find beneficial when you’re having issues using DAX measures.

This will help you solve not only the one you’re currently working on but other future total issues you’ll also encounter when running calculations inside your Power BI models.

There’s quite a lot to apply and implement in your own environment with this. That’s the reason embedding these concepts in your mind is crucial.

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