Understanding How The AVERAGEX Function Works

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In this example, we’ll dive deep into the AVERAGEX function. This is a truly powerful function that can be used in so many different ways. It can very efficiently calculate interesting results very quickly.

You need to truly understand how this works and what’s happening behind the scenes. That’s what this tutorial is focussed on.

AVERAGEX is a great function to illistrate the importance of iterating functions and what they actually allow you to do in Power BI.

Iterating function concepts when using the DAX language are the key to getting more and more advanced in your analysis and reporting development.

Throughout this tutorial, I go through a number of examples of how you can utilize the AVERAGEX function. I also talk about how it works through specific logic within the formula itself.

There is a lot to learn on how to utilize AVERAGEX specifically, but I also dive generally into iterating functions. Trust me, it’s so key to know and learn how these work. It’s so important when running more advanced calculations inside of Power BI using DAX.

Certainly, dive into the content and utilize the examples in your own models. You might have different data but there are certainly many applications for AVERAGEX in something that you’re doing.

The key is to apply these techniques and to understand how to apply them to your own data and it will become much clearer very quickly.

All the best!


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