Enterprise DNA Learning Summit – Final Day Wrap Up

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We have reached the end of this quarter’s Learning Summit! What a fantastic event it has been. Thank you to all those who attended any session live or have watched any of the replays.

Always appreciate the feedback that comes in.

A lot of time and effort goes into creating these events so I truly hope that all those that attended got a lot out of the workshop sessions.

Just to wrap up for the summit, I thought I would review some of the content that was covered in the last two sessions. Both of these sessions were quite detailed and I covered a lot of content that I find truly exciting and interesting about Power BI.

The first session was all about financial reporting and more specifically a new technique that I’ve devised called financial reporting templates.

To get financial reports setup in an intuitive format inside of Power BI can sometimes be quite difficult. The financial reporting template idea that I’ve created tries to solve a lot of the formatting and structure issues around creating financial reports.

During the session I did a deep dive into how you can integrate information from your fact tables with information from, for example; an expense database or data set.

I like to call this particular technique – financial reporting integrations, because data that you ultimately will place inside your financial reports can come from many different data tables or locations and you need to find a way to integrate these effectively.

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In the last session we covered the Q&A feature inside of Power BI. I can’t speak more highly of how good this feature is, if you can develop your Power BI models in a best practice way.

The natural language feature (or Q&A) is really the future of Power BI. That’s what really excites me about reviewing and discussing this particular feature. Just think where could you ultimately place Q&A? Basically anywhere inside of Office 365 is possible in my view.

That is why its so interesting to discuss it in detail. With the advent of voice technology and the integration with many other cloud technologies, in the future who knows how we will ultimately use this technology.

It all comes down to building high quality models and that’s what this session was focused on.

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To round things off I spent a little bit of time discussing Enterprise DNA Membership. By upgrading to membership Power BI users can access an unmatched grouping of courses, resources and support that will enable anyone to really master Power BI.

Enterprise DNA Membership latest

That’s all from me around the summit. Thank you very much for all attending and participating in the event. I thoroughly enjoyed putting on the summit and running the sessions.

I hope that you liked the format and also the content covered. Hopefully you can find the time to utilize many of the techniques and concepts that we’ve discussed and can implement some of them into your own Power BI development work that you are completing right now.

All the best.



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