Enterprise DNA Learning Summit – Second Day Wrap Up

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Another 2 sessions completed today with a great live turnout once again.

We stepped thing up a level today with a detailed review of advanced budgeting concepts and also attrition analysis techniques.

While some of the concepts might have been new to some who attended, the great thing I feel is how achievable they are for all Power BI users especially for those developing reports and models.

You can extract some really advanced and valuable insights using Power BI that are going to make a big difference to decision making within organizations.

That’s what this summit is all about. Showcasing many ways you can create real value from your analysis.

Laptop 3

During the budgeting workshop we covered how you can allocate budgets that might be at a yearly level across different months using a sensitivity factor or percentage.

The setup is really interesting with this scenario and the function TREATAS was covered in depth. There’s some amazing work you can do with this particular function and it can simplify your data models quite a bit. Well worth reviewing in detail if you can.

Laptop 4

In the second workshop, which focused on attrition analysis including new and lost customers, we really dived into this great concept I like to call ‘virtual tables’.

Virtual tables are at the core of nearly all advanced analytics inside of Power BI and during the session we really dived into why this is and how you can use them to work out some great insights around your customers.

Learning Summit August 2018 - Laptop Main 2

Only one day left for this learning summit! So far, we have had two high quality days, with over 1000 users tuning into one of the sessions and many more watching the replays that are made available to all those who register.

There’s still time to come to the last day and get hold of the resources and replays. You can do so below.

Enterprise DNA Learning Summit, August 2018 – Registration

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Catch you then.



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