Averages Per Customer Transactions – DAX in Power BI

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What I want to showcase in this tutorial is how we can calculate the average amount of sales, profits, or transactions per certain dimension inside our Power BI models and reports.

In this particular example we’re going to look at it from a customer perspective. We’re going to try and analyze, what’s the average sales we make per transaction per customer?

This is going to enable us to understand who our best customers are, but also who are our customers that come in and buy a substantial amount.

From here we can ultimately understand what are the margins we’re extracting per transaction from our customers.

Are they good in some regions versus other regions? Are they good for some products versus other products?

These are all great insights that we can derive from this type of analysis and it also adds a lot of value to what we might do within a business from a marketing perspective and around allocating sales resources.

You obviously want to be focusing on the clients who purchase the most at the highest margins. And through this type of analysis, you can align your resources to where you feel you’re going to optimize the best results.

This type of analytical work is so powerful. If you want to review more examples just like it, check out the Business Analytics Series module at Enterprise DNA Online. This module contains contents around solving real-world business problems using best practice Power BI model and formula concepts

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