Create Compelling Insights In Power BI Fast – Financial Analysis

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In this particular example we’re going to work through, I’m going to show you how you can discover profit insights very, very fast with Power BI.

Now, profits are key, right? In any business, you want to understand how your profits are being derived, where they’re coming from, and why you’re getting the results that you are.

With Power BI, even with relatively ease and by using intuitive techniques, we can extract a lot of information. What it comes down to is that you need to utilize the data model really effectively.

First of all, you have to build your data model effectively, but then you also have to create the correct relationships and overlay on top of that the correct DAX measures.

I’m going to show you how you can do all of that, and if you can implement those techniques very quickly, you’ll be able to discover some really great insights and be able to dynamically drill into your information very, very fast.

You can start at a summary layer, but then also investigate at a much more granular level of detail as well. Setting it  all up does not take much time if you understand all these different areas and features of Power BI.

If you can replicate insights like this yourself inside of Power BI, you’re well on your way to developing really compelling reports. It does not take long to actually create this great analysis if you know what you’re doing.

Dive into the tutorial and utilize some of the techniques and features of Power BI that we go through. You’ll  be doing some really high quality work and impressing those consumers that you’re developing for.

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All the best implementing all the techniques I run through in this tutorial.

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