Discover Unique Insights Using TOPN in Power BI


In this video, I wanted to find an insight that was really unique, and hugely valuable for business.

I wanted to know the best-selling day for every single product.

Not only that, I wanted to be able to look dynamically into any store and analyse the best-selling day for every single product that each store sells.

Being able to extract this type of detail at a granular level is really powerful analysis, and you can showcase it in a really dynamic way.

In this video example I run through how you can utilize iterating functions – specifically TOPN – to uncover this sort of information which you can use to get some solid data to ultimately help you sell more.

The great thing about this type of analysis is that we can compare why some products sell better in certain regions on particular days versus other regions where they might sell better on another day.

We can attempt to understand why that is and maybe offer promotions or discounting around those particular trends or behaviours within those particular stores.

There are so many different ways that you could ultimately use exactly the same technique. This is just one example.

From here, you can branch out into discovering the best salesperson for every single product; the best-selling product at each different store; and many others. There are so many different ways that you could rework this formula and ultimately find insights into your customers’ behaviours.

If you can replicate this in your own datasets, it will become extremely valuable. I’m confident you’ll be able to find ways to replicate this over and over again in a lot of new models and reports you create.

As you get more into ranking strategies within Power BI you can begin opening up analytical opportunities that you didn’t even think possible. I cover many of these in depth in the Advanced Analytics in Power BI on-demand course at Enterprise DNA Online.

To complete advanced analytics in Power BI you need a solid grounding in formulas like TOPN, but then you need to learn how to combine many of these formula to achieve some of the next level insight that I run through in this particular course. Check it out if you have some time.

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  1. Really helpful stuff! Just last week I was working on a report that involved this kind of analysis and I wasn’t quite able to figure it out in DAX, so this is a real lifesaver!

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