Where Are Your Best Sales By Product? Advanced Analytics with Power BI

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In this particular example, I really wanted to showcase how you can extract information out of your data sets based on ranking techniques in Power BI. With this example, I focus on top product sales in each individual region.

If we think about what we have to do there, we need to work out what ranking our products have from a sales perspective in each different region.

Then we want to isolate our top 3 or top 5 products. Finally, we can work out the total sales attributed to those particular products in those particular regions.

The great thing about doing this inside of Power BI is that we could start and look at our entire universe of particular regions and products, but then also drill into any specific and unique part of that data set. Maybe we want to drill into particular regions or a grouping of stores, or look at where a subset of our customers go and shop, and look at the sales there.

We can also change the date dimension dynamically. As you can see, there are plenty of different ways that you can analyse this, and lots of comparison opportunities as well.

You might want to compare how certain products are contributing to overall sales in some regions versus others and then analyse why that might be.

From this insight, you could implement actions like… Is there some redistribution of inventory that we could initiate? Is there some promotional activities, some marketing that we could do to our customer base that will enable us to achieve better sales, better profits, and better results?

So plenty of very practical insights that you can retrieve from these development techniques.

Good luck with implementing this into your current reports that you’re working on.

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